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Hi there. The timelines may overlap a bit, but here is the general chronology. →Read more

Jack – The Sorcerer

Jack sat on the beach, watching the sun come up. It was just before six in the morning, and the air blew cool against his white linen shirt and tan slacks. Jack waited patiently for the shadowy figure to come walking along the water from the distant cliffs. There was no need to hurry. The […] →Read more

Nick – The Paladin

Nick Weatherly made his way up Sandpiper Street. It was a damp day, not exactly rainy, but always seeming to be the lightest of mists. It didn’t bother Nick though. Nick swept forward through the morning. His clothes were damp, and his normally wavy hair flattened against his head. It was enough to depress or […] →Read more

Tilly- The Cleric

Matilda “Tilly” August’s alarm went off at seven in the morning. She pressed snooze a few times, and eventually woke up at seven-forty. Tilly had been up late the night before, having gotten overly involved in reading Samuel Johnson’s, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. She got up, stretched, and took a hot, […] →Read more

Agnes – The Rogue

Agnes Hearth sat in her cube, pretending to work. It was late in the day on a Friday. There was no point in trying to accomplish anything, but her boss Brad frowned, frowned deeply and graphically, at the idea of leaving even one minute before five. The best move was to wait at least five […] →Read more

Aadi – The Bard

Aadi awoke on the beach. The light of dawn was just beginning to warm up the sky. Even in the low light, Aadi could see quite a distance and checked to be sure that no one was around. This part of the beach was usually deserted this time of day, especially in early February, when […] →Read more